RATAN SINGH, BHAI (d. 1943), alias Santa Singh, alias Ishar Singh, son of Nihal Singh, of Raipur Doaba, in Jalandhar district, served in the Indian army before migrating to Fiji Islands in 1914 from where he moved to Vancouver. While in Vancouver, he was drawn into the Ghadr movement. He was nominated a member of the Shore Committee to help the Komagata Maru passengers land on Canadian soil. Ratan Singh travelled widely in Europe and Latin America enlisting support for the Ghadr party.

He visited Moscow twice, first with Bhai Santokh Singh in 1923 and then alone. In Moscow, he met Lenin and other Russian leaders and attended the Fourth Congress of the Communist International. He carried the Communist International message to many European countries and visited India incognito several times. He also helped with funds collected abroad the Punjabi magazine, Kirti, launched by Bhai Santokh Singh from Amritsar in February 1926. Ratan Singh died in a hospital in Italy in September 1943.

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