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WAZIRKHAN (d. 1634) is the name popularly given by Sikh chroniclers to Hakim `Alim udDin, son of Shaikh `Abd ulLatif of Chiniot, a town now in Jhang district of Pakistan Punjab. Trained as a physician, he rose in favour with Emperor Shah Jahan, who created him a ma.nsa.bdar of 5000…
WAZIRKHAN, NAWAB (d. 1710), a resident of Kuhjpura, near Karnal, now in Haryana, was the faujdar of Sirhind under the Mughals in the opening years of the eighteenth century. The hill chiefs who held territories in the Sivalik ranges often sought his help against Guru Gobind Singh, then living in…
WAZIR SINGH, RAJA (1828-1874), succeeded in 1849 his father Raja Pahar Singh to the gaddi of Faridkot. A devout Sikh, Wazir Singh had received the rites of initiation at Gurdwara Sri Hazur Sahib, Nanded. sacred to Guru Gobind Singh. He founded new villages and introduced several reforms in the land…
WATHEN, GERARD ANSTRUTHER (1878-1958), a British educator who came by much applause and friendliness at the hands of his Sikh pupils and their parents during his time as principal of the Khalsa College at Amritsar in the early part of the twentieth century. By his helpfulness and natural affability and…
WAFA BEGAM, the senior wife of Shah Shuja, the king of Kabul, who after the dethronement of her husband came in February 1810 to Lahore where the Sikh sovereign, Ranjit Singh, made arrangements for her reception and accommodation suiting her status. In 1812, Shah Shuja fell into the hands of…
WADE, SIR CLAUDE MARTINE (1794-1861), soldier and diplomat, son of Lt.Col Joseph Wade of the Bengal army, was born on 3 April 1794. He joined the Bengal army in 1809 and was promoted lieutenant in 1815. He served in operations against Scindia and Holkar, and the Pindaris (1815-19) and officiated…
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