Gurudwara Chowbachcha Sahib at Dharampura, Lahore Chowbachcha Sahib bus stop lies between Mughalpura and Dharampura by the canal flowing through Lahore. Chowbachcha Sahib the shrine of Ram Rai Ji is situated in the locality north of this bus stop. It is a spacious building. The main door is very huge. About 200 steps inside the main enterance the passage splits into two lanes. There is a small round door. It is the door of Gurdwara Sahib. There are four similar doors.

Inside these doors is a rectangular building with four towers on all the four sides. This is the Prakashasthan. Sat Gur Nanak Dev Ji visited. this place. The small pool where Gur Nanak Dev Ji washed his feet was made a place of worship by Ram Rai Ji. Many refugees families from UP (Uttar Pardesh) and CP (Madhya Pardesh) are settled in this holy place now. The building is in a very bad shape and access to the pilgrims is denied.

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