PATSHAHI CHHEVIN LAHORE, GURUDWARA This place, that was hallowed by the holy touch of the feet of the Sixth Guru Hargobind Sahib, is situated inside Bhatti Darwaza in the Chumalah Muhalla. The Guru accepted the request of the Lahore Sangat and stayed for three days at the house of Bhai Jiwan, a devotee. Bhai Jiwan, out of sheer joy of having the Guru as a house-guest, converted the place into a Gurdwara, after the holy visit. When Bhai Bidhi Chand went to Lahore twice to rescue the horses, that were siezed by the rulers, he stayed there. The sangat rendered to this holy shrine.

In A.D. 1915, the hall of this Gurdwara was extended. After some time, Mahant Hari Singh indulged in foul practices. The sangat took over the management of this place in A.D. 1921 and formed a local committee. In A.D. 1927, the S.G.P.C. took over the charge of administration of this Gurdwara. In A.D. 1947, at the time of the partition of the country, Many Singhs attained martyrdom to save the sanctity of this holy shrine.

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