SACH KHAND GURUDWARA,CHUHRKANA, This holy shrine stands gloomily in the fields on the other side of the railway line only one kilometer from Gurdwara Sachcha Sauda. It was this spot where Baba Mardana had said that he was feeling hungry. Some Donkeys of a merchant laden with sugar were passing by. Gur Nanak Dev Ji told Baba Mardana to inquire from the owner as to what was in those bags. When Mardana asked the merchant, he replied that it was sand.

Sat Gur said, “All right! sand it will be!”. The merchant became worried lest the saying of the saint should come true.He checked the bags and found that it was actually sand. He held Guru\’s feet and Sat Gur said if it were not sand what else could that be.

The merchant said, “Sire! it was sugar.” Sat Gur said, “All right! then sugar it will be The merchant checked again and found that to be sugar. He sat at the feet of Sat Cur and unloaded his sugar. There is a splendid Gurdwara with a dome built by the road at this place. Its condition is bad and if no maintenance is done it will disappear without leaving a trace.

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