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PRAHLADA The Hari killed the tyrant Hiranyaksha (here this name is for Hiranyakashipu) and ferried across Prahlada. (Asa M. 4, p. 451) The father sent Prahlada for schooling. He carried the tablet and came to the teacher, "I will learn nothing else except the Name of the Lord- O my Lord! Write on this tablet." The mother" told his son Prahlada, "Do not read and learn any other lore", she instructed. "The Fearless Lord is with me, if I leave the Lord my ancestry will be blamed".

"Prahlada had led astray all the students, he does not listen to us and does everything on his own, he has spread devotion in all the town. Ths assembly of vicious people could not do anything. Sanda and Marka, the teachers cried out, all the demons acted violently. The lord protects the honour of his devotees, what the created creatures can do ?" Because of his past actions, the demon ruled, he did not comprehend the Lord and was led astray. He began the strife with his son Prahlada. 

The blind one did not know that the death had come near. He imprisoned Prahlada and locked him up.The fearless boy could not be frightened,"The Lord, my preceptor, is within me " If the created one, without any merit , falls into rivairy, the Lord writ works upon him, because he has begun strife ,with a devotee. The father carried the mace towards Prahlada, no here is your Lord ?" The Life-Giver Beneficent Lord comes for help inthe end He pervades everything that we see. The manifested Himself, springing out from the column. He destroyed the egoistic demon..... For the sake of Prahlada, the Lord Manifested Himself, the wish of the devotee was fulfilled.

All the gods bow before Lakhmi (Lakshmi),"O mother! Remove this dreadful form of Narsimha (man-lion), because of fear, Lakshmi could not go there." And Prahlada, the devotee, fell at the feet of the Lord. (Bhairo M. 3, p. 1154) Prahlada, the famous devotee of Vishnu, was the son of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. The demon king wanted himself to be worshipped by all his subjects. It was his son Prahlada, who did not obey his orders.

He was a staunch devotee of Vishnu. The king tried hard to dissuade him from following his path, but without any success. He, therefore decided to do away with him. He was thrown in the water and put in the fire, but they could not harm the young devotee. It is recorded in Bhagavata Purana that the king at last asked his son, if according to hirn, Vishnu was everywhere, he was not seen even in the pillar nearby.

In a great anger, he struck the column, and Vishnu in order to protect the honour of his devotee, sprang forth from the column in the form of a man-lion and with his nails, killed the tyrant. (Bhairo Namdev, p. 1165) and (Basant Kabir, p. 1194). The Lord is said to have bestowed salvation to twenty-one dans of Prahlada. (Bhairo M. 3, p. 1133). See : Das Avatars (Man-lion).

References :

1. Kohli,Surindar Singh ed,Dictionary of Mythological References in Guru Granth Sahib 1993

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