PALAHI, village 4 km north of Phagwara (31° 14`N, 75° 46`E) in the Punjab, is sacred to Guru Hargobind, who passed through it in 1635 on his way from Kartarpur to Kiratpur. According to the Bhatt Vaht Talaudd, a skirmish between the Mughal troops and the Guru`s followers, generally described as the battle of Phagwara, took place here on 29 April 1635. Later, Guru Har Rai also visited the place. Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi, commemorating the martyrs who laid down their lives in the battle, is in the eastern part of the village, with the sanctum where the Guru Granth Sahib is seated at one end.

The building is topped by a goldplated pinnacle and umbrellashaped finial. In a garden close by are the Guru ka Langar and some residential rooms. The Gurdwara is managed by a local committee under the auspices of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee. A major annual celebration is the three day religious fair in the month of June to mark the birthday of Guru Hargobind.

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