SAUNTI, an old village 2 km northeast of Amioh (30″36`N, 76″14`E), in Fatehgarh Sahib district, claims a historical shrine called Gurdwara Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib. It is situated in the open fields over a kilometre to the east of the village and is approached through a cart track going to Jalalpur village. It marks the site where, during a hunting excursion, a dog belonging to Guru Hargobind killed a wild boar and itself died of wounds sustained during the fight with the beast.

The Gurdwara is a Manji Sahib of old construction, 7metre square with a verandah in front. On a platform inside are displayed some swords and chakras. The Guru Granth Sahib is seated in the verandah and is attended by a farmer who cultivates the adjoining land. Being in an out of the way and isolated place, the shrine has hardly any visitors during the year.

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