AJAMILA This name occurs singly and with others in several verses of the Sikh Scripture. Where it occurs singly, there is pointed reference to his life-incident, e.g. At the time of his death, Ajamila grew conscious of Narayan (God); he attained in an instant that state, which the great Yogi desires to attain. (Ramkali M. 9, p. 902) Ajamila exhibited his love for his son and shouted out his name Narayana. His faith pleased the mind of my Lord, who smote and drove out the myrmidons of Yama (Death).(Nat M. 4, p. 981) (Narayana was also the name of the son of Ajamila) Ajamila was the son of a Brahmin.

Once he was sent by his father to bring twigs from the jungle to make the sacriflcial fire. There he was fascinated by the beauty of a Shudra woman, whom he married. He forsook the idea of retuming home and lived \’with his Shudra wife, who bore several children. The name of his eldest son was Narayana. Ajamila became absorbed in all types of vices.

When at the ripe age of eighty-seven, the messengers of Yama came, he was frightened and shouted loudly the name of his eldest son Narayana. It is said that NARAYANA (God) appeared there and drove away the messengers of Yama. From that day, he relinquished all vices and became a true devotee of Lord-God. Because of his great penance, he attained salvation. Through this episode, it is illustrated that even the highly vicious persons like Ajamila can attain salvation.

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