AJRAIL The angel Ajrail crushes the evil-doers in the crusher like the sesame seed. (Gaurt Ki Var M. 4, Shalok M. 5, p. 315) He, who is dependent on Thee, O Lord! Ajrail is the friend of that person. (Tilang M. 5, p. 724) The rebels will be called to account; the angel Ajrail will suiround them for punishment. (Ramkali Ki Var M. 3, Shalok M. l, p. 953) When the Malik-ul-Maut (the angel of death) will come after breaking all the doors; those dear brothers will bind you and send you for burial… (Shalok Farid, p. 1383) Ajrail (Azrail), one of the archangels, is the angel of death.

He is called Malik-ul-Maut in Persian. He becomes the guest of everyone on the fixed day and time. He punishes the evil-doers and is a friend of the virtuous, and devotees of the Lord.

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