ABARIKA (AMBARISHA) was granted the state of Fearlessness… (Bani Namdev, p. 1105) Ambarika (Ambarisha) etc….. (Swayye Mahle Chauthe Ke, p. 1405) Ambarisha was a king of Ayodhya. He was twenty-eighth iri descent from Ikshwaku. He was the son of king Mandhata. It is said about him that he was very regular in observing the Ikadashi fast. Once when he was busy in such observance, the sage Durvasa came. He had to be served with meal.

Seeing the king thus engaged, the sage went to the stream to take a bath. The king waited for the sage, but he did not turn up. The king, therefore, broke his fast. When the sage reached, he came to know that before his arrival the king had broken the fast. He was in great rage and cursed the devout king.

It is said that the rage of the sage created a demoness, who ran to kili the king. The king then prayed to the Lord to save him from the wrath of the sage. The Lord sent his disens to protect the king. On seeing the Lord\’s discus, the sage ran for his safety in all the three worlds but no god could protect him. Ultimately, he went to the Lord, who advised him to go to the saintly king which he did and was thus saved.

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