BASAKA (VASUKI) Millions of Vasukis (Basaks) form Thy bed, O Lord! (Bhairo Kabir. p. 1163) In whose house, Basak (Vasuki) of one thousand hoods spreads itself like a bed…. (Malar Namdev, p. 1292) Like father and grandfather, the grandson has the Lord\’s approval making the foundation of spiritual power, he made the rope of Vasuki and churned the ocean with the churning stick of Meru. He churned out fourteen gems and enlightened the world. (Var Ramkali Satta Balwand, p. 968) Vasuki (Basak Nag) was the king of the Nagas (serpents) of the nether-regions (Patala). He was used as a rope, around the mountain Mandara, when the gods and demons churned the milk-ocean.

He is often identified with the Shesha Naga of a thousand hoods and on whose coils, Vishnu reposes. The Sikh Gurus and the radical saints do not give any importance to gods and deities. Their Lord-God has created millions of such gods and deities. In the third reference given above, the myth of Vasuki and the churning of milk-ocean has been mentioned figuratively. See : Shesha Naga

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