BHISTA (BAHISHTA) He holds fasts, offers prayers and recites Kalimah, in this way Bhista (Bahishta) or heaven cannot be achieved….. Having comprehended himself, if one tries to know? others, then he can become a resident of Bhista….. (Asa Kabir, p. 480) You are impure and are not conscious about the Pure Lord, you have not known His secret. Kabir says you have thus missed Bhista and your mind is in consonance with Dojaka (Dozakha—hell). (Prabhati Kabir, p. 1350) Bhista or Bahishta is the heaven Qannat) of Muslims as described in the Koran.

This paradise is a place that gives pleasure through each of the senses. Its inhabitants shall have fruit which they consider the best and also the flesh of the fowl that they desire. The faithful meets the young beautiful damsels there, who are known as houris. In Guru Granth Sahib, we find their mention on page 1084. According to the Sikh Scripture, that person can only be a resident of Bahishta, who comprehends his Pir\’s or Guru\’s discipline. (Maru M. 5, p. 1084). See : Houri

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