DHARISHTA BUDDHI As fol Chandrahasa, Dharishta Buddhi was in great anguish, he himself caused to bum (destroy) his own house. (Nat M. 4, p. 982) The king Sudharma of a Southern State was attacked by a neighbouring king Kantuhal. He was slain in battle. His wife became a Sati on the funeral pyre of her husband. The only son of the king was saved by a maid-servant, who took shelter in the hermitage of a saint, under whose impact, the boy became a great devotee of the Lord. The maid-servant died after three years without telling the identity of the boy.

The king of Kantuhal gave the territory of Sudharma to his minister Dhrishta Buddhi for administration. Once, when Chandrahasa visited the ministers house, the astrologers who were present there predicted that one day he would become a king. Dhrishta Buddhi thought that he must be Sudharma\’s son, therefore he planned to kili him. On his orders, the assassins took him to the forest, and showing mercy to him, released him. Another Chieftain of the area found him in the forest and adopted him as his son.

He named him Chandrahasa, because when he laughed, his face looked like moon. As Chandrahasa grew up in this Chieftain\’s house, he became famous for his skill and courage. The minister Dhrishta Buddhi wanted to meet such a bright young man. He recognised in him the same boy whom he wanted to kili. He again planned his murder. He sent him with a letter to his son Madan in which he had hinted about his murder as soon as he met him.

But on reaching Madan\’s city, he felt very sleepy, therefore in a garden, he lay down to sleep. Madan\’s sister came to that garden and saw this beautiful young man. She also noticed a letter in his pocket which she took out and read its contents. She was attracted towards the young man and wanted to save him, therefore she made some change in the letter. The sense of the contents was totally changed. When Chandrahasa met Madan, he, obeying his father\’s orders married the young man with his sister.

On knowing this Dharishta Buddhi was dumb-founded. He engaged other assassins to receive another letter at Durga\’s temple and do the job. Chandrahasa had to carry the letter, but Madan did not like to distrub his brother-in-law and instead went himself to deliver the letter. When the letter was delivered to the assassins, they killed Madan and Dharishta Buddhi received the desirable punishment for his doings. He wanted to kili the devotee of the Lord, whereas the Lord saved his devotee. Ultimately he ascended the throne of his State again.

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