KALIYUGA In Sat Yuga there was truth; in Treta, there were Yajnas (sacrifices) and in Dwapara, there was ritualistic worship. In the three Ages, there were three types of acts, but in Kali Yuga, the Name of the Lord is the only base. (Gaurt Bairagan Ravidas, p. 346) In Kali Yuga, the chariot is of fire and falsehood is the charioteer. (Var Asa, M. l, p. 470) In the Kali Yuga, the only merit is of the Name of the Lord. 

(BbairoM. 3, P. 113 ) In Kali Yuga, there is only one-fourth of the merit of Dharma. None has described it without the Perfect Guru.The self-willed indulge in falsehood and Without the True Guru, the illusion is not effaced. (Mani M. l, p. 1024) In Kali Yuga, only one-fourth of the power of Dharma remained. The Dharma-Bull walks only on one foot and the attachment of maya increases. The attachment of maya is exceedingly dark.

One achieves salvation on attaining the Name from the True Guru. (Ramkali M. 3, p. 880) Kali Yuga, the present age is the age of degeneration. Dharma-Bull in this age is only one-legged. Only one-fourth of the virtue remains in this age. The vices increase rapidly.The corruption and violence reign supreme. In Bhagavata Purana it is recorded that in this age, most of the people are Shudras. They are wicked, vicious and unkind.

The falsehood, deception, fear and distress prevail every-where. Women become shameless and ill-mannered. The kings become tyrants. There are wars, farnines, droughts and floods. Guru Nanak Dev has conclusively said, “The Kali Yuga is like a knife and the kings are butchers. The Dharma has flown away like a winged-bird. There is dark night of falsehood and the moon of Truth is not visible. See : Yugas

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