KAMA O Kama! (addressed as lust), the giver of a place in hell and transmigrator in many births, the abductor of the mind, visitor of the three worlds and destroyer of meditation, austerity and character….. (Shalok Sahaskriti M. 5, p- 1358) In the above reference the lust has been personified as Kama, the god of love. In Hindu mythology, he is the son of Dharma, the god of justice, by Sraddha, the goddess of faith. According to Harivansha Purana, he is the son of Lakshmi.

According to Puranas, his wife is Rati, the goddess of desire. Shiva reduced him to ashes by glancing at him with his third eye, because he obstructed his penitential devotion by inspiring amorous thoughts. But afterwards he allowed him to be bom again as Pradyumna. He has a son named Aniruddha and a daughter named Trisha. He is said to be the lord of Apsaras. His weapons are the bow and arrow. His vehicle is a parrot.

According to Guru Granth Sahib, Kama (lust) is one of the five major vices, the other four being Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (attachment) and Ahankara (ego). Kama and Krodha both combine to destroy the body (Ramkali M. l, p. 932). Violence, lust, greed and anger are the four streams of fire (Var Majh M. l, p. 147). In the reference given above, Kama is said to be the cause of transmigration. It leads one to hell.

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