KAMADHENU O dear mind, if you want the Parijata tree and also require the Kamadhenu cow bedecking your house, then engage yourself in the service of the Perfect Guru….. (Maru M. 5, p. 1078) Singing the praises of the Lord is the Kamadhenu cow. (Gauri Sukhmani M. 5, p. 265) Kamadhenu is the name of the wish-fulfilling cow. She rose from the milk-ocean, when it was churned. It belonged to sage Vasishtha and also sage Jamadagni. Whereas she fulfilled all the wishes, she also created a host of warriors, who aided Vasishtha against Kartavirya.

When she was tåken away by the king Kartavirya from the hermitage of Jamadagni by force, it was Parashurama, who fought with the king and brought back the cow. Surabhi, Nandini and Shabala are said to be her different names. The Sikh Gurus considered the Name of the Lord as the Kamadhenu.

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