KRISHNA The One Krishna is the Chief among gods, the soul of their godliness. If one comprehends the secret, this soul is God Himself… (Var Asa, M. 2, p. 469) (The false Gurus) Sing of Gopis and Krishna, Sita and Rama, but not the Fearless and True Transcendental Lord Who is the Creator of the whole world, whom only His servants through their great deeds adore….. (Var Asa, M. l, p. 465) In the period of Yajur Veda, there vas Kahn (Krishna) in Yadava elan.

He seduced Chandravali (Gopi) by force and brought (from Heaven) the Elysian Tree for her. At Vrindavana, he revelled in love with her. (Vas Asa, M. l, p. 470) Hail, hall, the vina of the Lord is being played, the sweet and undying tune resounds. Hail, hail, the wool of the ram, whose blanket is worn by Kristina. Hail, hail, O mother Devaki, in whose house there plays the Lord. Hail, hail, the forest of Vrindavana, where plays the Lord Himself.

When he plays upon vina, the cows graze, the Lord of Nama (Namdev) remains in bliss. (Mali Gaura Namdev, p. 988) The name Krishna is not only used for the incarnation of Vishnu, but also for God Himself. The episodes of the life of Krishna sung by the devotees of Vishnu, do not have any significance in the Sikh Scripture, as can be seen in references 2 and 3 above, but when the same Name is given to the Lord-God, as in references l and 4, it is used with utmost respect and all its relations are sanctified. See: Das Avatars

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