KURU-KSHETRA, KURU-CHHETRA (KULKHET, KULCHHET) If he goes to Kulkhet (Kurukshetra) at the time of the eclipse, and offers his bedecked wife, if he listens to all the Smritis with his ears, all these are of no avail if he indulges in calumny. (Gond Ravidas, p. 875) At first he (Guru Amar Das) came to Kulkhet (Kurukshetra) in order to celebrate the sacred day—festival of the True Guru. (Tukhari M. 4, p. 1116) Kurukshetra literally means \’the field of the Kurus\’. It is situated near Delhi, in the state of Haryana. The great war between Kauravas and Pandavas was fought here.

At this place, the celestial song of Bhagavada Gita was addressed to Arjuna by Lord Kristina. It is thus an important pilgrim-station of the Hindus. It is said that a great merit accrues if some rituals are performed here. A great fair of solar eclipse is held here. Guru Nanak Dev in his journeys visited this place on the occasion of the eclipse. Guru Amar Das also visited this place. The object of the visit of the Sikh Gurus was the spiritual amelioration of the masses.

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