LOHARIPA, a Gorakhpanthi yogi, whose name occurs in Guru Nanak`s Sidh Gosti in the Guru Granth Sahib. The Sidh Gosti is a versified account of the Guru`s discourse with a group of Natha ascetics. Among them is mentioned Loharipa which is taken to be the Punjabi form of Luipa, Tibetan name for Matsyendranath who flourished in the 10th century AD. Loharipa in Guru Nanak`s Sidh Gosli may be the name given a contemporary Natha yogi.

In the verses in the text, he says that the yogis live in the woods away from the world, eat roots and fruit and bathe at the pilgrim centres, thus attaining peace and tranquillity. Guru Nanak said that without cherishing the Lord`s Name, the mind will not be stilled. Whether in the family or outside, one should not even for a wink be oblivious of Him.

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