MERU (SUMERU) There are many Karma-bhumis (action-oriented worlds) and many Merus mountains)….. (Japu, p. 7) On the mountains (Meru Sumeru) many peacocks dance when the clouds are overcast. (Nal M. 4, p. 983) I ascended Sumeru and came back after searching the Lord. The Lord who has built this fort of the body, I found Him mere. (Gauri Purbi Baivan Akhari Kabir, p. 341) According to Puranas, Meru (or Sumeru) is a fabulous mountain in the centre of Jambu-Dwipa.

It is eighty-four thousand Yojanas high, its depth below the surface of the earth is sixteen thousand Yojanas. The Swarga or the heaven of Indra is situated on it. It is also called golden mountain or the mountain of the gods. On the summit of Meru is the vast city of Brahma. In the foot-hills of this mountain live the Gandharvas, Kinnaras and Siddhas. The demons live in the valley.

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