NARAKA (HELL) If after many austerities one is inflated with ego, he transmigrates repeatedly in Hell and Heaven. (Gauri Sukhmani M. 5, p. 278) The world deals in three modes, it transmigrates repeatedly in Hell and Heaven. (Asa M. 5, p. 389) A Shakta falls and suffers in eighty-four hells. (Maru M. l, p. 1028) There are many sufferings in horrible hell, which is the abode of ungrateful people. (Var Gauri M. 4, Sbalok M. 5, p. 315) Those who remember the Lord, they do not go to hell. (Majh M. 5, p. 132) In Hindu literature twenty-eight different divisions of hell have been enumerated.

Manu has enumerated twenty-one hells. It is situated below Patala and is a region of darkness, fear and terror. Its divisions are described, with the particular crime punished in them. Though the Sikh Scripture måkes the mention of Naraka of Hinduism and Dozakha of Islam, it presents its own interpretation of as many hells, as the births of transmigration. See : Dozakha.

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