NARASINGH (Man-lion incarnation) The Lord manifested Himself by tearing off the column and killed the egoistic demon. (Bhairo M. 3, p. 1154) The Lord came out of the column assuming huge size and killed Hiranyaksha (Hiranyakashipu) with his nails. That Supreme Purusha and God of gods manifested Himself as Narsingh for His devotee. (Basant Kabir, p. 1194) Vishnu assumed the form of man-lion in order to save the •world from the tyranny of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. He had propitiated Brahma and become invulnerable.

No god, man or animal could kill him during day or night. He could not be slain inside or outside the palace. He was thus highly puffed up with ego and wanted his subjects to worship him. His own son Prahlada was a great devotee of Vishnu and did not leave his devotion at any cost. The tyrant tried to kill his son. He wanted to know if the Lord of Prahlada was omnipresent; was he present within the column of the palace ? In great rage, he struck the column violently, whereupon, Vishnu came out of the column, tearing it off, vindicating the honour of His devotee.

He had assumed the form of a man-lion (who is neither a man nor an animal). He was killed in twilight (which was neither day nor night). He was killed at the doorstep (neither inside nor outside of the palace). See : Prahlada , Hiranyakashipu , Das Avataras (man-lion).

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