PARIKHAT (PARIKSHIT, PARICHHAT) Sukhadeva, Parikhyata (Parikshit) and the sage Gautama sing the Praises of Guru Nanak Dev….. (Swayye Mahle Pahle Ke, p. 1390) Parikhat (Parikshit) was the son of Abhimanyu by his wife Uttara. He was the grandson of Arjuna. Even before his birth, he was killed in the womb of his mother by Aswatthaman, therefore he was born dead. It was Krishna, who brought him to life and cursed Aswatthaman. When Yudhishthira and his brothers left for heaven through Himalayas, Parikshit succeeded on the throne of Hastinapur.

He incurred the imprecation of a hermit by which he was sentenced to die of the bite of a snake at the expiry of a week. In preparation of this event he went to the banks of the Ganges, where the sage Suka narrated the Bhagavata to him. In his final days, he wanted to be wholly engrossed in the thoughts of the Lord.

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