PARURAU (PURURAVAS or PURU) The sage Durvasas, the king Pururavas (or king Puru) and the sage Angiras sang the praises of Guru Nanak Dev. (Swayye Mahle Pahle Ke, p. 1390) The word Parurau may be considered with reference to two kings, who are the descendants of the sage Atri, who is generally reckoned among the seven rishis (sages). The genealogy beginning from the sage Atri is as follows : LUNAR RACE : >> The sage Atri >> Soma (or Chandra) the moon >> Budha (or Mercury) married Ila, daughter of Ikshwaku >> Pururavas (or Aila) married the nymph Urvashi >> Ayus >> Nahusha >> Yayati (husband of Sarmishtha and Devayani) The king Pururavas was the son of Budha and Sadyumna (Ila).

He was a beneficent pious prince. He is the hero of Vikramorvashi Natak of Kalidasa. His actual name was Vikrama. He fell in love with Urvashi, a nymph from heaven, who gave birth to his eldest son Ayus. Puru was the sixth king of the Lunar race and the youngest son of Yayati and Sarmishtha.

He and his brother Yadu (see the above genealogy) were founders of the two great branches of the Lunar race. The descendants of Puru were called Pauravas, and of this race came the Kauravas and Yadavas. Among the Yadavas or descendants of Yadu was Krishna.

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