RAVANA Rama has gone and Ravana has gone, who had a big family; the world is a dream and nothing is stable, saith Nanak. (Shalok M. 9, p. 1428) Ravana, who had one lakh sons and lakh and a quarter grandsons; there is not even a lamp and a wick in his house; having divine powers, the sun and moon worked in his kitchen and the god of fire washed his clothes. (Asa Kabir, p. 481) The kings greater than Ravana left the world in no time. (Sarang Kabir, p. 1251) The Lord made the enlightened person as the bridge, who plundered the Lanka-body in order to save it from the agonies of vices (demons).

The Gurmukh Rama killed the egoist Ravana; the knowledge given by the Guru was like the secrets of Vibhishana.(Ramkali M. l, Siddh Goshta, p. 942) The ten-headed Ravana had tÃ¥ken away Sita, therefore Rama grieves….. (Shalok VÃ¥ran te Vadhik M. l, p. 1412) Ravana was the demon-king of Lanka. He was half-brother of Kuvera and grandson of Rishi Pulastya. He propitiated Brahma, who made him invulnerable against gods and demons, but he was destined to die through a woman. He could assume any form he pleased.

Ramayana describes him as having ten heads, twenty arms, copper-coloured eyes and bright teeth like the young moon. He was very-strong and had waged great wars with gods. He was evil-incarnate. Therefore Vishnu had to incarnate as Rama in order to destroy him. During the exile of Rama from his kingdom for fourteen years, Ravana had carried away Sita by force, therefore a great war ensued between the armies of demons on one side and vast number of monkeys on the other side.

Sugriva, the king of monkeys and his general Hanuman were the allies of Rama. Many a brave warriors from both sides fell in the batdefield. Ultimately Ravana was killed. There is a story mat several gods performed the menial duties in the house of Ravana. His chief wife was Mandodari and Meghanada or Indrajit was one of his sons.

One of his brothers was the mighty Kumbhakarna, who åte much and slept much. His brother Vibhishana did not like his wicked deeds, therefore he left him and sided with Rama. The story of Rama and Ravana is told figuratively in the above reference No. 4. The island of Lanka is said to have been built of gold by Vishwakarma. See: Rama , Lakshmana , Sita , Hanuman and Vibhishana.

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