SAUNA (SAUNAKA) Saturday—Consideration of the Shastra of Sauna (Saunaka, a sage) dealing with omens (whether an action is good or bad, which time is suitable or unsuitable for that action) is merely whim and ego; the whole world is deluded in it. (Bilawal M. 3. Var Sat, p. 841) That is for me the Sauna Shastra through which the Name of the Lord is remembered. (Sri Raga M. 5, p. 48) Saunaka, the son of Sunaka and grandson of Gritsamada, was a sage reputed as the author of the Brihad-devata, an Anukramani and other works.

He is said to be a teacher of the Atharva-Veda. It was Saunaka, who established the distinctions of the four castes. Regarding Atharva-Veda it is said that the prayer which in older Veda is the instrument of devotion is here rather the tool of superstition. The most prominent feature of this Veda is the multitude of incantations which it contains. The Sikh Scripture is critical about the observance of omens.

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