SURAJA (SURYA) The sun-god and moon-god are in Thy Fear, O Lord ! There is no end to the distances of million of miles traversed by them. (Var Asa, M. l, p. 464) There are many Indras, sun-gods and moon-gods….. (Japu, p. 7) The sun-god, (whose charioteer is Aruna), is the light of the world….. (Dhanasari Trilochan, p. 695) Why should they fear the son of sun-god i.e. Dharmaraja, who meditate on the Feet of the Guru ? (Swayye Mahle Chauthe Ke, p. 1404) Comments : The sun-god is the great source of light and heat.

According to a legend, he is the son of Kashyapa and Aditi. In another, he is referred to as the son of Brahma. His wife was Sanjana, who was the daughter of Vishwakarma. Because of his over-powering effulgence, Vishwakarma cut away the eighth part of his effulgence. Out of the fragments of the cut-away pieces, discus of Vishnu, trident of Shiva and some weapons of other gods were made. In various descriptions, he is said to be the father of Ashvini Kumars, Dharmaraja, Shani, Sugriva etc.

His chariot is driven by seven horses and his charioteer is Aruna. He is known by several names, as Biswa ka Deepak, Ravi Sut or Sut Bhan, Martand, Savitri, Vivaswat etc.

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