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SRI GURU UPKAR PRACHARNI SABHA, i.e. an association for the propagation of the Guru`s deeds of compassion and charity was formed by a group of Sikh youth at Amritsar during the opening years of the twentieth century, with Bhai (also known as Pandit, being a learned scholar of religion) Ganda Singh as president. The aims and objects of the society were, like those of the Singh Sabhas in general, to propagate gurmator the principles of Sikh religion and culture and to restore to the Sikh people their religious identity. More specifically, the Sabha concerned itself with counteracting the attacks of the Arya Kumar Sabha of Amritsar against the Sikh religion.

Death successively of some of its top leaders during the closing years of the nineteenth century had weakened the Lahore Khalsa Diwan. The severest blow came with the passing away on 6 September 1901 of Giani Ditt Singh. Sri Guru Upkar Pracharni Sabha attempted to fill the gap and joined polemic with the Arya Kiiinar Sabha. It had two separate cellsa debating club and a publicity department. Lectures and discourses by eminent Sikh scholars were arranged, and challenges of Arya Kumar Sabha for public debates readily accepted.

A monthly Punjabi journal, Upkan, was launched in 1902 under the editorship of Pandit Ganda Singh. Ganda Singh also wrote a 256page tract in Urdu, Nuskhahi Kbabti Dnyanandian or Prescription for the insanity of the followers of Dayanand, in refutation of an essay by Lala Sahib Dayal, IlajiVahamatiDitt Singhlan or Remedy for the fancies of the followers of Ditt Singh. Ganda Singh was in fact the moving spirit behind the Sri Guru Upkar Pracharni Sabha, and his death, by plague, on 11 February 1910, signalled the end of its brief career.

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