MAI-POTRE, meaning grandsons of an old woman, is the name given to a group of families residing in Goindval. These families were the descendants of a goldsmith couple blessed by Guru Amar Das. It is said that the couple, advancing in years, had no offspring. Despaired of the gift of a child, they engaged themselves in acts of charity and commenced the digging of a well and the construction of a temple. Guru Amar Das praised their piety.

He gave them his blessing and assisted them personally in the tasks they had undertaken. As tradition goes, the couple had two sons born to them. They were very fond of them and the mother especially loved to carry them around on her arms. But the difference of age between the mother and the sons was so great that people usually called them her grandsons, mai-potre. The name has stuck to the line issuing from them.

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