MEVIUS, also recorded as Frank Ernest Mevins, was a Prussian who came to the Punjab in March 1827 and was employed in the Sikh army in the rank of a colonel. According to the Khalsa Darbar records, Mevius had to sign a pledge that he would, “during his period of service abstain from eating beef, smoking or shaving, would never quit the service without formal permission from the Maharaja and would engage to fight any nation with whom the Maharaja declared war, even should it be his own.” These were the usual conditions under which foreigners were admitted into Sikh service. Once Mevius used a whip against a Sikh soldier. 

This caused a revolt in his command and he was compelled to take refuge in the Maharaja`s tent. Ranjit Singh saved his life, but refused to retain him in his service. He was given his discharge in 1830.

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