BALBIR SINGH (1894-1974)

BALBIR SINGH (1894-1974)

BALBIR SINGH (1894-1974) Dr. Balbir Singh is an eminent thinker and expositor of Sikh literature. He is a man of much learning, both of eastern and western philosophy, besides a teacher of botany. His essays are available in collections like Charan Hari Visthar (Detailed account of Charan Singh) about his father, Dr. Charan Singh whose contribution to Punjabi literature has been noticed.

Kalam di Karamat (The Miracle of the Pen), which is a commentary on the work of writers from both east and west, contains an essay on the poetry of Bhai Vir Singh also, who was his elder brother. In his later years Dr. Balbir Singh started publishing through the Punjabi University, Patiala, an etymological encyclopaedia of the Guru Granth which he did not live to complete.

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