BHANA, BHAI (1536-1644), the youngest son of Baba Buddha, was born in the village of Katthu Nangal, in Amritsar district of the Punjab. Baba Buddha, blessed by Guru Nanak himself, was the most revered Sikh of his day. In his lifetime, he had had the privilege of anointing with his hands five successive Gurus, Guru Angad to Guru Hargobind. Upon his death in 1631, Bhai Bhana succeeded him in that position of honour in Guru Hargobind`s household. He was then in his ninety-fifth year.

Such was his reputation for piety that he was commonly called BrahmGiani, i.e. one possessing divine knowledge and experience. He was married at the age of 18 and had three sonsJalal, Sarvan and Dasu. Dasu died young and Jalal outlived his father only by two months. Bhai Bhana founded two habitations near his village, one called Talvandi Bhana after his own name and the other Jhanda Ramdas named after his grandson but now called simply Ramdas. Bhai Bhana had the honour of performing the last rites of Guru Hargobind and of anointing Guru Har Rai in March 1644 as his successor.

He himself died the same year at Jhanda Ramdas where his samadh still exists by the side of his father`s. His elder son, Jalal, who succeeded him, did not live long. Bhai Sarvan, the younger son of Bhai Bhana, then waited upon the Guru.

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