MAI DAS, a Vaisnavite sadhu of the village of Narli, now in Amritsar district of the Punjab, embraced Sikh faith at the hands of Guru Amar Das. As a wandering sadhu, he once visited Goindval and desired to meet the Guru, but since he was unable to comply with his injunction to partake of food in Guru ka Langar setting aside his caste scruple, he departed without seeing him. He, as says Sarup Das Bhalla, Mahima Prakash, had a vision while out on a pilgrimage to Dvaraka directing him to return to Goindval.

He has tened back to the Punjab and, reaching Goindval, sat in Guru ka Langar to eat a meal and then humbly waited on Guru Amar Das, and received his blessing. He was apprenticed to Manak Chand Jivara, a learned Sikh, and was subsequently appointed by the Guru to preach Guru Nanak\’s word in the Majha region.

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