MAYYA, BHAI, a Khullar Khatri, is mentioned among the prominent Sikhs of the time of Guru Ram Das. According to Bhai Mani Singh, Sikhan di Bhagat Mala, Bhai Mayya along with Bhai Japa and Bhai Nayya, both of the Khullar clan, and Bhai Tulsa, a Vohra Khatri, once waited upon Guru Ram Das and humbly spoke, “Tell us, True Lord, how to practise uddsi, how to be non attached while still being in the world.” Guru Ram Das said, “Occupy yourself with gurbdm, even as you occupy yourself with the affairs of the world. As you read the Gurus` hymns or as you listen to the Gurus` hymns being recited, keep your attention on their meaning. Keep reciting Wahiguru even as you work with your hands.

By the Divine Name is haumai or selfhood overcome. The Divine Name is the boat that will ferry you across this worldly ocean.” Bhai Mayya and others, says Bhai Mani Singh, followed the Guru`s precept and attained liberation.

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