BUR SINGH, BHAI (1896-1921), son of Bhai Mal Singh Kamboj and Mai As Kaur, of Chakk No. 80 Mula Singhvala, district Sheikhupura, was born on 10 Phagun 1952 Bk/22 February 1896. His parents originally belonged to village Bahoru in Amritsar district and had settled in the newly developed canal colony in western Punjab, Chakk No. 80, only in 1892. Bur Singh received elementary education in the village school and gurdwara.

He was present at Chuharkana on 30 December 1920 when Gurdwara Sachcha Sauda was taken over from Udasi mahants and brought under the management of the reformist Akalis by Khalsa Diwan Khara Sauda Bar under the leadership of Jathedar Kartar Singh Jhabbar. Bur Singh took the Khalsa pahul on the spot and became an Akali activist. He joined the jatha of Bhai Lachhman Singh Dharovali and attained martyrdom at Nankana Sahib on 20 February 1921, which happened to be his 26th birthday. See NANKANA SAHIB MASSACRE

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