CHANDA SINGH, BHAI (1885-1921) was born on 9 Savan 1942 Bk / 22 July 1885, the son of Bhai Hukam Singh and Mat Nand Kaur, a peasant couple of village Nizampur, in Amritsar district. The family shifted westward to Chakk No. 38 Nizampur Deva Singhvala, in a newly colonized district. As he grew up, Chanda Singh, was influenced by the current of Sikh reformation then sweeping the Punjab.

When a call came for a shahidi jatha, martyrs` column, to proceed to Delhi to rebuild the demolished wall of Gurdwara Rikabganj, Chanda Singh registered himself as a volunteer. He also attended the Dharovali conference on 13 October 1920. As Bhai Lachhman Singh`S Jataa bound for Nankana Sahib was passing by his village on 19 February 1921, Bhai Chanda Singh along with his brother, Ganga Singh, joined it, and fell a martyr the following morning in Gurdwara Janam Asthan. See NANKANA SAHIB MASSACRE

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