NIHAL SINGH, of Naushahra near Tarn Taran in Amritsar district of the Punjab, was among the close associates of the Sikh revolutionary, Bhai Maharaj Singh (d. 1856), who assigned him to many a secret mission such as procuring weapons from Charhat Singh, an exkdrddr, and helping Bhai Tek Chand of Amritsar who had been charged with distributing “turbans” on his (Maharaj Singh`s) behalf among volunteers and zaminddrs who offered to join his standard.

He also went incognito to Lahore and Wazirabad for collecting information about the strength of British forces at those cantonments. Nihal Singh was arrested along with Bhai Maharaj Singh on the night of 2829 December 1849, but was released soon after. According to his statement, 2,000 men had volunteered to join the rebellion in the Doaba. NIHAL SINGH, a kahdr or water carrier of Maihmari Kaharari, in Amritsar district, who went to Bombay in 1886 to receive the deposed Maharaja Duleep Singh scheduled to be returning to India from England, and to take up service with him.

He, like several others, had to return for the Maharaja was refused permission by the British to come to India and was detained midway at Aden. Nihal Singh was accompanied by two more of his co-villagers, Isar Singh and Amir Singh. BIBLIOGRAPHY Ganda Singh, ed., History of the Freedom Movement in the Panjab (Maharaja Duleep Singh Correspondence). Patiala, 1972

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