DIWAN KHANA GURUDWARA, LAHORE:This Gurdwara is situated near Chuni Mandi chowk, close to the birth place of Guru Ram Das ji. The Guru\’s ancestors belonged to Lahore. At the time of the marriage of one the sons his elder brother, Sahari Mal, the Guru asked his son (Guru) Arjan Dev to attend the cere money, as he himself was unable to attend the same.

Guru Arjan Dev was instructed to stay there till he was not called back. When he was not summoned for a long time, (Guru) Arjan Dev wrote three letters to Guru-father expressing his desire for \’Guru\’s glance\’. Two of the letters were held back by Prithi Chand but the third reached the Guru, Where in mention of the two previous letters was made.

Guru Ram Das called his son Arjan Dev, back to Amritsar. This historical place was also rebuilt by Maharaja Ranjit Singh which is registered with Lahore Corporation under card No. N. 2143. The devotees used to go on foot to Janam Asthan Nankana Sahib from this holy shrine. This Gurdwara too came under the management of S.G.P.C. after 1927.

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