This Gurdwara is situated at the place where Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji stayed for some time. It is believed that when Guruji left this place the standing sugarcane crop in the village caught fire. An elderly man told the villagers that Guruji had come to the village but was not given suitable welcome by them. The villagers rushed to Guruji and met him in Dhangira village and asked for forgiveness.

Guruji told them not to worry and told them to go and crush the burnt sugarcane and the same will be sweeter than before. It is said that the sugar cane was actually found to be extra sweet . It is also said that the Sarovar of Agaul Sahib is blessed by Guruji and has curing powers. Location : Gurdwara Agaul Sahib is 10 kms north-east of Nabha. It is linked with Nabha-Amloh Road Address : Manager, Gurdwara Agaul Sahib Village & P.O. Agaul, Tehsil Nabha District Patiala, Punjab. Phone : 0176565133

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