SHAHI TIBBI, a low mound about 6 km south of KIratpur Sahib (31″11`N, P&`SaE) in Ropar district of the Punjab, was the scene of a fierce battle in the time of Guru Gobind Singh. The Guru who evacuated Anandpur on the night of 56 December 1705, was given a hot pursuit by the besieging host contrary to solemn assurances of safe conduct. He was following the main route to Ropar. By the time he had reached near Shahi Tibbi, covering a distance of about 14 km from Anandpur, he was overtaken by the pursuers.

Bhai Udai Singh, one of the followers, engaged them, while the rest of the column marched on. This was a desperate rearguard action. Bhai Udai Singh and his 50 companions fought valiantly and were killed to a man.The shrine at Shahi Tibbi (lit., the Royal Mound) commemorating the heroic action is a modest one room gurdwara looked after by a solitary Nihang.

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