SUNAM (SO`P`N, 75″48`E), an ancient town in Sangrur district of the Punjab, was visited by Guru Nanak during his travels through the Malva region. According to local tradition, he first stayed on the bank of the Sirhind stream, near what is now called Sita Sar. From there a devotee took him to his own house where a shrine was later established. It is located in the Gurdwara Mohalla and is known as Gurdwara Pahili Patshahi. The building constructed in 1919 was renovated in 1966.

It consists of a rectangular hall, with a gallery at one end and a verandah in front. The sanctum in the centre of the hall is richly painted in multicoloured floral and geometrical designs. Three volumes of the Guru Granth Sahib are seated in it behind pipalleaf archways. There is a domed tower in front of the verandah. Rooms for the granthiand Guru ka Langar are across a narrow brickpaved courtyard. The Gurdwara is managed by a committee representing the sangat of the locality.

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