ADAM – \’When God saw towards Adam with His unapproving eyes, how could he stay long in heaven then? (Bhairo Kahir, p. 1161) The reference about Adam in Guru Granth Sahib is a back-handed compliment. On the face of it, it can be translated thus : “When God showed his eyes to Adam, he enjoyed heaven greatly.” In the first few chapters of the Bible, it is stated that after God had created the universe, he took some of the dust of the earth and created Adam, a man. He was kept in the Garden of Eden, where there were fruit trees, rivers and other things, which he could desire.

But still Adam was a lone man. Therefore God created his wife Eve from one of his ribs. Both of them lived happily. They had been forbidden by God to eat the fruit of one of the trees. This tree was the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. The couple did not yet know the evil.

One day the devil entered the Garden in the form of a snake and persuaded Eve to eat the fruit of the above-mentioned tree. Eve tasted some of it and gave some to Adam. Thus on the inducement of the devil, they broke the law of the Garden and no longer remained innocent. As a punishment, they were driven out of the Garden. They had disobeyed God and had brought evil into the world.

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