AKRURA Oodho, Akrura (of the Dwapara age) and Trilochan, Namdev and Kabir (of Iron age) got their sins effaced by remembering the Name of the Lord and the same undeceivable Name, which ferries the saints across the world-ocean, came into the mind of Guru Amar Das. (Swayye Mahle Teeje Ke, p. 1393) Akrura was an uncle of Sri Krishna and also his faithful ally and well-wisher. When Kansa planned to kili Krishna and Balabhadra, he conducted a festival. Akrura was sent by Kansa to bring the two brothers for the festival. He understood the plot and informed Krishna about it. He also advised Krishna to kili Kansa.

Akrura fought against Jarasandha on the side of Krishna. He became famous as a commander of Yadava army. On another occasion, he was sent by Krishna, Balabhadra and Oodho to get tidings about Kunti and the Pandavas from Hastinapur. Being a great devotee of the Lord, he achieved salvation.

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