BRAHMA Brahma bom in the navel lotus of Vishnu was called the son of Lotus. (Kama M. 4, p. 1309) Brahma manifested the hymns of the Veda but extended the attachment of maya. (Wadhans M. 3, p. 559) Only the maya of three modes came out from the mouth of Brahma. (Maru M. l, p. 1038) Brahma was called great god, but could not know the Limits of Lord-God. (Var Malar M. l, p. 1279) Brahma did not realise that he was puffed up with ego. When he was in trouble because of (the theft of) Vedas, he repented.

(Gauri M. l, p. 224) The recitation of Vedas originated from Brahma, from whom, the gods of attachment and desire sprang forth. They strayed in three modes and could not find their real abode. (Gauri M. 3, p. 230) Brahma, who created all the world, under God\’s Will, also sings the Praises of Guru Nanak. (Swayye Mahle Pahle Ke, p. 1390) Firsdy, Brahma came into the house of death. He could not know the end of the Lotus of God (in which he was bom)….. (Gauri M. l, p. 227) Millions of Brahmas have been assigned the task of creating the world.

(Bhairo M. 5, p. 1156) Brahma, one of the gods of Hindu Triad, is said to have been bom of a lotus that sprang from the navel of Vishnu. He has four heads. Originally he had five heads, one of which was cut off by Shiva. Brahma was bewitched by the beauty of his own daughter Savitri (she is also called Sarasvati and Gayatri), who in order to escape from his amorous glances sprang into the sky. There and then a fifth head of Brahma appeared.

For this malicious act of Brahma, Shiva cut off his fifth head. The vehicle of Brahma is a goose. Each of the four Vedas are said to have sprung up from one of his heads. His heaven, called Brahm-puri, is eight hundred miles by four hundred and forty miles high. It is said to contain all the excellences of other heavens. All the beings created on earth are found there. The Supreme Being has assigned the work of creation of the -world to Brahma. Once he became very egoistic.

He wanted to know the end of the navel, in which he was born, but he could not do so even in thirty-six ages. The two demons, Madhu and Kaitabha stole the Vedas and hid them at the bottom of the ocean. Vishnu rescued them by assuming the form of the Horse-headed incarnation (Hayagriva). Ultimately Brahma will die after completing his span of life. His heaven will also come to an end. (Gauri M. 5, p. 237). See : Brahmadika , Madhukeet

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