DHRU, DHU (DHRUVA) The Lord gave all the comforts to Sudama and the permanent status to Dhu (Dhruva), which could not be averted till to-day. (Maru Namdev, p. 1105) Dhu (Dhruva) attained permanent status by remembering the Lord and obtained the state of Pearlessness….. (Sorath M. 9, p. 632) Dhruva was the son of king Uttanapada and Suniti. But Suruchi was the favourite wife of the king. She had a son named Uttama. Once, when the king was seated on the throne, Uttama was sitting in his lap.

Dhruva also wanted to sit in the lap of his father but Suruchi reproved him. Dhruva went straight to his mother and enquired from her why his step-mother had behaved with him insolently. His mother told him that it was a fact that she was wife of the king, but because of her some bad karmas, in her previous birth, she was not so fortunate as Suruchi. Dhruva could not be consoled by his mother. On further questioning he was told that he could only achieve the high status on taking the path of devotion on the Lord.

It is said that he left his home and went to the forest for the achievement of his goal. Narada met him in the way and gave him the desired instruction. It is said that he devoted himself entirely to the service of the Lord and was thus elevated to the status of pole-star. He achieved the unique position of a permanent and ftxed abode, where the other celestial luminaries revolve around him.

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