LAKSHMI (LACHHMI or LAKHMI) All the gods make obeissance to Lakhmi (Lakshmi). (Bhairo M. 3, p. l] 54) The Lord, in whose house there is ever youthful Lachhmi (Lakshmi). (Malar Namdev, p. 1292) Lakshmi is the goddess of fortune. She is one of the gems (Ratan), which sprang out from the ocean, when it was churned by the gods and demons. She became the consort of Vishnu. Because of her resplendent beauty and surpassing loveliness, she is called Padma, Kamla or Kavala.

She is represented as sitting at the feet of Vishnu in his repose on the snake Ananta. She is often pictured as standing on a lotus (Padam or Kamal). She is also called Sri or the goddess of prosperity. She is said to have four arms. See : Vishnu

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