PINGALA Ajamila Pingala, the bunter Lodia and the elephant went to the abode of the Lord; if such evil persons obtained salvation, O Ravidas, why do you not get emancipation ? (Kedara Ravidas, p. 1124) Pingala was a comely prostitute. One day she bedecked herself in order to attract some wealthy customer. The whole day passed away and nobody turned up. She went inside her house and tried to relax and sleep. Bul she could not sleep also. She waited even upto midnight.

When ultimately she lay down on her bed she began to think deeply about her evil and impure way of living. In this state of self-introspection, a sense of disregard of sexual enjoyment and passion dawned upon her. On that night, the great sage Dattatreya was engaged in watching her state of mind closely. His continuous watch brought a great change in her life. She became a great devotee of the Lord and thus attained emancipation.

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