TRETA YUGA In Treta, one-fourth of the merit of Dharma was lost, Dharma-Bull had only three feet and the fourth was replaced by duality. The enlightened person talked of Truth and the self-willed wasted himself in useless talk. (Maru M. l, p. 1023) In Treta one-fourth of the merit was lost. The hypocrisy spread and the Lord was considered far away. The enlightened person was conscious of it. The Name in the mind brought comfort. (Ramkali M. 3, p. 880) In Treta Yuga, the chariot is of celibacy and force is the charioteer.

(Var Asa, M. l, p. 470) Comments : In Treta Yuga, the Dharma-Bull stood only on three legs. One-fourth of his merit was lost. The malice grew up in the minds of the people. They became shrewd and began to act with motives. Still they were devoted to their duties and performed the rites and ceremonies punctually. See : Yugas.

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