TULASI O Brahmin! worship the Lord as Salagrama and consider the good actions as the rosary of Tulasi leaves. (Basant Hindol M. l, p. 1170) Episode: A woman named Tulasi, after having been engaged in religious austerities for a long time, wanted the boon of becoming the wife of Vishnu. When Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu came to know of it, she cursed the woman and changed her into Tulasi plant. However, Vishnu is said to have given this assurance to his devotee that he would assume the form of the Salagrama and continue to live near her.

Tulasi plant is considered sacred to Vishnu and is said to have been produced at the churning of the milk-ocean. Comments: The Sikh Gurus considered the worship of Salagrama as idol-worship, therefore they rejected it. They laid stress on the worship of the Omnipresent Lord and also laid emphasis on good actions. See : Salagrama.

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